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  1. 1946


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William Holdsworth, Dina Maria Kuperus

Administratie Merkelbach:

Holdovarth, Hr. (Helmersstraat 38, Tweede)

Op deze foto:

  • Dina Maria Kuperus,
  • William Holdsworth


  • 1946




Stadsarchief Amsterdam

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Achtergrond van de bruid

Kuperus, Didian Maria (Dina Maria or Didy) Born 16th June 1927, the daughter of Jacob Kuperus and Wilhelmina Kuperus-Mortier of Amsterdam, and elder sister to Rudy Kuperus. ?Both the parents died in 1975. Jacob (Jack) Kuperus was son of Jacob Kuperus and Maria (who died in 1931) whose roots were in Steggerda in Holland. ?Jacob junior, was in the Dutch navy; his ship was bombed and he was picked up by a British frigate. He later became a tutor at the Naval Academy in Den Helder. He had two brothers Rein and Wim. Rein Kuperus was a diamond cutter of the highest class, living in Asscher. Wim Kuperus lived outside Amsterdam in Schiphol on the Amstel river. ?He was born in Den Helder on 5 Sept 1933, and was an academic person, but was paralysed with polio in 1937. ?He lived for four years of the war, and ten years afterwards at 38 2nd Helmerstraat, Amsterdam. Following this, Jacob and Wilhelmina Kuperus lived at 2 Helmerstraat, 28 in Amsterdam, and later (circa 1970) moved to a purpose-built flat in a block on Nachtwachtlaan 69, in north Amsterdam overlooking the E10 motorway, where they remained until their deaths a few days apart in 1975. Dina Maria Kuperus married William (Bill) Holdsworth in 1946; they had five children, John Michael 1947, Ingrid Rona 1948, Howard Irving 1949, David William 1952 and Kirsten Roselyn 1953. For later details, please see Dina Maria Holdsworth ? Rudy Kuperus, 1946 Kuperus, Rudy (Ruud) Rudy Kuperus, Born 5th September 1933, the son of Jacob Kuperus and Wilhelmina Kuperus-Mortier of Amsterdam, and younger brother to Dina Maria Kuperus. ?Both the parents died in 1975. Rudy Kuperus married Marijke Suurenbroek, and they had two children: ?1. Barend J. Kuperus ?2. Janine Kuperus. ?They lived at Churchill-Laan 31a in Amsterdam.
Johan Nico (Hans) Vles (1935) 22.07.2014

Daar doen we het voor.

Dear Hans, Thank you very much for kindly sharing this information and sending the photo of my mother and father's wedding day. It's a fine quality photograph, compared with my scan from the family albums. Yes, in answer to your question, I would be delighted to obtain a higher resolution file; which I could print and give to my mother as a present. She will be 87 years old next June, and it would make a surprising present for her. I know Middelburg, I was there in the early 1970's when I used to stay with my girlfriend, at the time of the great Delta-werk. It was a fascinating time then. Sincere thanks, David.
Johan Nico (Hans) Vles (1935) 27.12.2013

Op internet gevonden:

Holdsworth, William (Bill); Flt. Lieut. [1922-1969] William (Bill) Holdsworth of Scargill House, Kettlewell, Yorkshire. Born on 17 November 1922 at The Grove, Savile Road, Halifax, the third son of George Bertram Holdsworth and Mabel Highley. Educated at Lockers Park, Hertfordshire and at Harrow School, in Newlands house, under the charge of Rev. D.B. Kittermaster M.C. (1937), and F.W.T. James 1938-1940. Served in the Royal Air Force, as a Spitfire fighter aircraft pilot instructor. William was a key member of Kilnsey Angling Club, 1946-1958. Married Dina Maria Kuperus, [Dina Maria Holdsworth] in Amsterdam in 1946 and had following children: John Michael 1947, Ingrid Rona 1948, Howard Irving 1949, David William 1952 and Kirsten Roselyn 1953. Resided 1957-1966 at Bellinter Park, Navan, Co. Meath in Ireland. Returned to Yorkshire in 1966 to reside in Halifax. Died three days before his 47th birthday on 14th November 1969 in the Halifax Royal Infirmary, and was interred in the family grave at Saint Mary’s Church, Kettlewell.
Johan Nico (Hans) Vles (1935) 27.12.2013

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Johan Nico (Hans) Vles (1935) 27.12.2013

William Holdsworth 1922-1969 en Dina Maria Kuperus 1922-

William Holdsworth, geboren 17 november 1922, overleden 14 november 1969, trouwt Amsterdam 26 april 1946 met Dina Maria (Didi) Kuperus, dochter van Jakob Kuperus en Wilhelmina Cornelia Mortier, geboren Den Helder 16 juni 1927. De familie Kuperus komt in december 1940 vanuit Den Helder in Amsterdam wonen. Na haar huwelijk blijft Didi met haar man nog enige tijd in Amsterdam inwonen bij haar ouders, maar in november 1947 vertrekken zij naar Engeland. De ouders van Didi overlijden kort na elkaar, moeder op 9 december 1978 en vader op 11 december 1978. Didi woont dan in Halifax en is al enkele jaren weduwe.
Henk Krigee 27.12.2013

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